Stash enhancement

This has certainly been a miserable week. Last Thursday i had the unfortunate pleasure of getting all four of my wisdom teeth out. This lead to lots of smoothies, soup, and sitting about on the couch with not much to do. As an added bonus the medication I am taking for pain relief makes me feel extremely dizzy, dizzy, dizzy so I havent really been up to much creative work other than sitting on the couch perusing craft blogs and pinterest.

In a big to cheer myself up (pre surgury) I decided to take advantage of a sale that was being held at my local fabric store. 40% off all fabrics. I think that is a pretty good excuse to go shopping if ever there was one. So I set out with one goal in mind. To find a lovely fabric that I could turn into my very first clothing item, a gathered waist skirt. I have had this skirt on the brain for quite some time however, I am a massive stinge and never wanted to pay full price of wearable fabric.
Unfortunately for me I was not the only seamstress who knew of this glorious sale and the line for purchase was very long so I tried to get in and out as fast as I could. (Mr G was also rushing me because he wanted to go to a football game that afternoon and if i took to long we would miss it).


I forgot to buy some elastic thread so I think I might have to go back this afternoon and source some so I can make my dreams a reality. In the meantime I thought I would share the wonderful purchases that I did make. 6 special fabrics just waiting to be sewn.

Number one – A Japanese cotton. Very light weight and soft. This was $4 a metre so I bought 3

Number two – blue japanese print with big flowers. Very pretty and a bit heavier than the first print, again want to make a skirt with this one.

Number three – silky flowers another skirt in the making

Number four – a quilting cotton I hope to make some mothers day gifts with

Number five – a pretty red cotton I think this may become a new apron for me

and six – some plain poplin to fill my cupboards at $1.50 a metre why not

so thats my new fabrics ready and waiting to go, now I just need to get started.