back after a little break

or a long break maybe. It has been quite a while since I posted on this blog but that does not mean that I haven’t been sewing!

In my absence I have broadened my sewing horizons by sewing up three dresses (all washii’s) and a skirt to wear, along with quite a few bags and little bits and pieces for around the house. 

At the start of this year I made a little pact with myself to sew one thing per month and then during the month of january I sewed up quite a few things. Last weekend I made a new dress which has already seen some wear but which I have yet to take any pictures of so might try and get some pictures tomorrow and post them up here. Tomorrow I think I will start on another sewing project but I cant be to sure what that will be yet!


heres to 2014 the year of the sewlution!!


killing time

So I am trying to squeeze all that I can from the last of my holidays. I go back to work on Monday and as much as I am looking forward to it I will miss the blog reading time I have enjoyed over the last two weeks. In the past few days I have been feeling much better and I decided to start a new sewing project that could fill some time until next holidays roll around. Inspired by all the blogs I have been reading I decided I wanted to make my first real deal quilt and I wanted it to be kind of like the scrappy trip ones that every one is making.

The only thing is I don’t really have that make scraps yet because obviously I haven’t done enough sewing haha. Anyway I started to make one anyway and have decided to make it quite big with 24 blocks. So far I have completed 5 blocks and I am really loving it.

They might not line up perfectly but it is nice and authentic. I thought maybe I could share a little preview of what I have so far.

not perfect but all mine all the same 🙂
Tomorrow I want to share a list of some of my new found bloggy loves but for now bed time I think.

*Just an edit to say I also linked this post up to Marissa’s linky Wednesday party (never mind that its Saturday). Her blog is awesome you can visit it here

bag bag

Today i was feeling really bored and a little bit crafty. With those two ingredients i decided to tackle a little project that was well overdue.

Every week when i go shopping i end up with 10000000000000000 plastic bags that need a home. These bags eventually come in hand for moving things, taking to work or using as rubbish bags, however then still need to live somewhere in the mean time. A few months ago I saw a tutorial online for making a bag bag and I thought that quite little project would be a perfect way to brighten up the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon.

Now, we did already have a bag bag however it was very old and stained so i decided to just piff it once the pretty new bag was complete. The original tutorial can be found at Craftiness is not optional
and here are my photos of my finished product

I think these would make nice pretty yet practical mothers day gifts to go along with flowers or something else special