In the pipeline

I have been thinking tonight about lots of projects swirling around in my head that I would like to sew up whilst I have some creative energy. I thought I should maybe make a list of the ones I am interested in because then I might actually get around to making them.

Mothers day presents for;

  • Mum
  • Nana
  • My dads fiance
  • possibly also my boyfriends mother if I can find the time

Wedding presents for some good friends of mine who are going overseas to get married

Also want to finish my pretty quilt for myself before winter rolls around

I would like to make some curtains for my bedroom (and to paint my bedroom, but that’s another story)

Make a scissor roll for my sewing scissors and rotary cutters

And not to be forgetting I still want to make some lovely skirts with the discount fabric I bought a few weeks ago. I have found the perfect tutorial too:

image credit: credit: Running with scissors

So I know it sounds ambitious but I think if I try and get these projects done then I will be able to stockpile many beautiful fabrics when I am in Bali later in the year without feeling too guilty.