pop and crackle

So I decided that my crafty endeavors deserve their own blog now because I want kinder fun to be a place for discussing education related things and i felt like the others parts of me still needed a place to go.

I hope this blog will be a place where I can share different projects and ideas with similarly minded crafty people and gather ideas for new projects into the future. As a crafter i enjoy sewing, photography, baking, making things from wood and upcycling.

I thought a nice way to introduce myself would be to give you five facts about me

1. The first item I ever sewed (without assistance) was an apron made of calico and cotton. The calico is a little thin for its purpose, however i still use the apron from time to time so that’s a good thing i think

2. I am a kindergarten teacher in my first year as a teacher and lots of my crafting energy is put into making things that can be used in the classroom

3. I have never sewn my own clothing from scratch. hemmed and repaired yes, but never made a full item of clothing from a pattern. This is something I would love to do at some point in the future

4. My favorite thing I have made so far is some rag baby quilts the ‘boy’ one I am saving until I have my own family one day (because I love it) and the pink one I gave to my friend for her little bub born in February this year

5. I hate eating egg that is on its own (scrambled, boiled, quiche, anything like that) is yucky and I cant stand it.