A journal cover

So it seems I have been a bit of an absent blogger recently. I have been really busy with organizing stuff for work and haven’t really felt like recording my creations, however now that the holidays are upon us I found some time to write before heading off to Bali tonight.

I have not done much sewing lately however yesterday whilst reading lots of blogs I came across and interesting sew along hosted by Ginny at Darling Adventures

The sew along involves sewing a cute little journal or notebook cover with or without applique and posting some photos to the flickr group. I had see this pattern before, when Ginny originally posted however I hadn’t really thought any more about making one until i started packing for my trip. I knew I wanted to take a journal to write about the holiday but all the ones I could find were just plain and boring.

So to participate in the sew along I decided to make a nice travel themed cover.

For the outside fabric I used an old bed sheet from savers and some old jeans to make the suitcase

and for the inside I used some red polka dot material from spotlight and this lovely travel print which I hade originally purchased intending to make a bag.


I made it without measuring the fabric properly so it came out a little small for the original book I was planning to use, however I am still pretty happy with it.

I found the little bon voyage label in my odds and ends box and ironed that on to the suitcase to add a bit of character. I figure when I go somewhere I can keep collecting little iron on patches and add them to the back cover or the suitcase like a little passport.


Whilst im in Bali I hope to go fabric shopping so definitely look out for a post about that in the coming weeks. 


3 thoughts on “A journal cover

  1. What a great use for your journal – a travel diary! I love your idea of adding patches as you travel. Great work and thanks for joining my sew-along!!! Ginny

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  3. Awesome journal cover, I particularly love the interior fabric! My cover (I participated in the sewalong too) came out a bit small for my original book too as I couldn’t find composition books in New Zealand.

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