killing time

So I am trying to squeeze all that I can from the last of my holidays. I go back to work on Monday and as much as I am looking forward to it I will miss the blog reading time I have enjoyed over the last two weeks. In the past few days I have been feeling much better and I decided to start a new sewing project that could fill some time until next holidays roll around. Inspired by all the blogs I have been reading I decided I wanted to make my first real deal quilt and I wanted it to be kind of like the scrappy trip ones that every one is making.

The only thing is I don’t really have that make scraps yet because obviously I haven’t done enough sewing haha. Anyway I started to make one anyway and have decided to make it quite big with 24 blocks. So far I have completed 5 blocks and I am really loving it.

They might not line up perfectly but it is nice and authentic. I thought maybe I could share a little preview of what I have so far.

not perfect but all mine all the same πŸ™‚
Tomorrow I want to share a list of some of my new found bloggy loves but for now bed time I think.

*Just an edit to say I also linked this post up to Marissa’s linky Wednesday party (never mind that its Saturday). Her blog is awesome you can visit it here


2 thoughts on “killing time

  1. Hi Cara, I would LOVE it if you came to my sewing day!! It’s open to everyone, some people will be bloggers, some won’t be, some will be beginners, some will be experts! I really hope you can make it, it would be great to meet you!! Your quilt is looking great so far πŸ™‚

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